Give the Gift

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What We Do

Love 4 Christ is here to help those seniors who still live in their homes but need some help to stay there. We don't charge for our services but instead rely on donations. We will accept donations for those we help but only ask for small donation of $1 to $10 dollars. We have started a GoFundMe Campaign to help with the cost of operating. The money raised from there will help us reach more people through advertising and being able to hire one or two part timers.

Help with technology
Set up home networks
Pick up medicines
Grocery Shopping
Rides to Doctors appointments

Pretty much anything I can do to help people maintain a better quality of life. Our goal is to help seniors stay in their homes longer than they would with no help. We do not provide any nursing care or medical care.

We are just trying to fill a niche left by others who provide medical care but don't do what I do. My long term goal is to be able to hire others to help reach more people.  This is an important ministry and there are so many who need help.

We also offer the following which is a pay service.

We offer a full service home management company that watches out for your home while you are away. Relieving you of the stress and worry. We provide the care for your home while you are away. We would be happy to talk with you about the details of our service and how we can assist you in keeping your Arizona home safe and sound while waiting for your return.
What we do:
Home Inspections; Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly
Pre Arrival Home cleaning
Pre Arrival Grocery setup
After visit home cleaning
On-site service appointments
Interior inspection
Exterior Inspection
Yard and Lawn Inspection
Exterior Plumbing and yard watering Monitoring
Air Conditioning/Heating Systems Check
Storm and Severe Weather checks
Automobile Start up services
Pick up Mail, Newspapers and Packages
Plant care
Shut down services
Will Report with photos or videos on your home
Will work with contractors and coordinate any repairs  and keep track of progress